Your skills

Identifying and understanding your own skills is a critical part of looking for a new job and creating your CV. Stortford Kickstart advisors are trained to help you identify your key transferable skills. Once you know these, you can work out occupations that might suit you.

If you already know your “soft skills”, then to find a possible occupation, just click on the link to our Skills Quiz . (This link will find occupations. But it will not find you a Job directly. For your Job Search, please go to our Jobs page.)

If not … it would be good if you could drop in and see us sometime.

What are my key skills ?

A good definition of skill is “an ability to do an activity or job well, especially because you have experience of it, you have learned it or it is a natural ability”.

Some examples are:

  • Communication – the ability to speak, write and listen well
  • Information Technology (IT) – a skill you have learned, such as using a computer
  • Skills gained in a building trade, such as bricklaying or carpentry, from your experience in the Construction industry.
  • Planning and Organising – a skill you have evidenced in both life and previous roles.

Various bodies may help you acquire new Skills: click on Training Organisations .